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Commercial Cleaning Services in Nashville, TN Help Work Productivity

Handwashing is probably one of the easiest ways to prevent illness, but according to a study on public toilet use by environmental health experts at Michigan State University, only 1 in 20 people do it with any kind of consistency. This statistic definitely presents health dangers in any setting where many different people handle the same objects and some may carry viruses and bacteria into an area. To have a campaign that focuses on handwashing might sound good on paper, but in reality, many people simply don’t care about it at all. Continue reading

Cleaning Through Pressure Washing in Nashville is Safer for Homes

Clean air in your home equals good health. The air you breath has an effect on your overall well being, and can lead to certain medical conditions such as asthma. A good air filtration system such as a HEPA filter — High Efficiency Particulate Air — will reduce pollutants in your home’s air.

Dust mites, molds, bacteria, tobacco smoke, pollen and some gases all effect the home’s air. A proper air filtration system will remove virtually all damaging things from your home’s air system. Highly effective, a HEPA filter will successfully remove up to 99.9 percent of the pollutants. The dense surface area of the filter traps particles traps particles that are invisible to the naked eye. The tightly woven fibers catch particles that other types of filters miss. Continue reading