Rejuvenate or Refinish? Your Floors Want You to Read This.

hardwood floor refinishingUnless you are new to the Brighthouse family, you already know that we are committed to discovering and offering the newest and greenest ways to clean your home and office. After years of experience working with clients in need of an innovative approach to cleaning hardwood, we decided that it was time for us to take the lead in developing a solution.

So, if you want to know why we’re smiling so much this month, it’s because we’ve finally decided to offer this solution to you- our valued client. We’ve found the right technicians to deliver the service (20 years of experience!), and honestly… we know you’re going to love it.

It’s a three-step method called Hardwood Rejuvenation, and we just can’t say enough good things about it. We’ve already started telling some clients about the new service, and many of you have been really surprised to learn that there is an effective and green alternative to traditional hardwood refinishing.

Since we always want to make sure that our clients get what they want out of the hardwood solution they choose, we’ve imagined and described a couple of scenarios below to help you make the right decision.

Which situation sounds more like yours? Do you see yourself as a John or a Christine?

Let us know. Your dull, worn floors will thank you later.

John always tries to take care of his floors, but the newest addition to his family- a labrador retriever puppy named Scout- isn’t always a huge help. Besides adding scratch marks to the already scuffed-up floors, Scout is also having a tough time with the potty-training process. Since John’s safe, green cleaning solutions aren’t always within reach when he discovers Scout’s little “surprises,” a fair amount of build-up from some common household cleaners has started to become apparent. While Scout is certainly making some progress, stains are showing up at an alarming rate. Finally, making matters worse is that even before he brought Scout home, John had been living with dull, uneven-looking floors.

Christine bought her aging home from a large family about five years ago, and she never got around to doing anything about the damaged floors. She’s ready to put the house back on the market, but the floors are in pretty bad shape. Large cracks and separation in the living room are a definite eyesore, and deeply set-in stains in the dining room don’t look much better. Several months ago, a major leak gave Christine a huge headache, and she didn’t catch it in time… a considerable amount of moisture crept into the wood, and some major warping occurred.

For problems like John’s, Hardwood Rejuvenation is definitely going to be the way to go. It’s less expensive and faster. Best of all, nobody (not even Scout!) needs to leave home when we perform the service.

For more major issues like Christine’s, traditional hardwood refinishing may be required. However, since only professionals can accurately assess hardwood damage, you should contact us today, even if you think your situation sounds more like Christine’s. Our services are 100% guaranteed, and we’re always happy to provide expert insight when you have questions about cleaning your home and office.

And oh yeah, tell your floors we said hi… and that we’ll see them soon. (We both know they deserve a little attention.)

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